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Local government

Local government – whether you are a county council, district council, or metropolitan council – has a remit to deliver improved citizen services and at the same time maximise value and control costs.           

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No longer simply a service provider - you need to be citizen centred, lead the community, increase choice, empower customers, increase efficiency, become a knowledge-based organisation, and constantly improve services - creating effective local services and better places.
All this against a backdrop of tightening budgets, fewer resources, and increasing demand from central government, customers, employees and the regulators. Plus an array of new initiatives: Lyons Enquiry, Gershon Review, Place Shaping Agenda, the Efficiency Agenda, Transformation Government, amongst many others.

It is obvious that the local authority landscape is changing dramatically, with greater responsibility for all local services and new duties, such as social care, health, housing, education, transport, welfare to work, sustainability, regeneration and economic growth. 

“Right from the outset, we made it clear to potential bidders that we wanted a strategic partner and not a contractor. I am delighted that we have achieved exactly that and I am confident that our impressive transformation will gather even more momentum.”
Gavin Jones
Chief Executive
Swindon Borough Council

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As a result, you have come under the spotlight of public scrutiny, and the expectation of increasing availability and Quality of Service. So, how do you deliver the services you need to deliver, to the expected quality with the same or lower budget? And, how can you prioritise when they are all important and needed?

"The unique partnership we have built with Capita brings together the best of the public and private sectors to deliver successful programmes on time and to budget. Working together, we have already truly transformed the way the Council manages its
back-office functions"
Michael Lockwood
Chief Executive
London Borough of Harrow
Some would say your approach to this does not need evolution, it needs revolution – particularly in your response to the Local Area Agreement (LAA), Local Strategic Partnership (LSP), and Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA), not to mention the pressure to deliver efficiencies.

This is exactly why local authorities such as Southampton City Council, Swindon Borough Council, Sheffield City Council, London Borough of Harrow, Mendip District Council, and Birmingham City Council choose to partner with us. We deliver affordable and sustainable solutions that address your unique challenges.

Our ethos is not to take over your services, but to support you in building your own capability. We don’t just integrate IT – we integrate IT into your business, so that you can exploit your existing investment and set about transforming the organisation and efficiency.

What we can do for you;
We can operate either as an extension of your existing IT team or provide a complete IT solution, delivering:

  • Long term strategic thinking
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Architecture services
  • Infrastructure updates
  • User interface improvements
  • Customer service solutions 
  • Applications services: ERP and CRM 
  • Design for education services
  • Social care solutions

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